Thursday, October 31, 2013


I've just finished a very creative order for Anna - cross stitch pattern of black and white embroidery.I have never made monochromу project, it was a very interesting experience. Anna wanted to get pattern and make an embroidery for her friend.
There are full cross stitches, half cross stitches and backstitchwith diffirent quantity of threads.

I always start to make patterns from lower-left corner. And I started this project with the system block. It was very unusual - to make a pattern of the system block! And of the monitor! And of the ventilator!
When I started to make pattern of the stool, I had doubts: can I make a nice pattern? It was late night when I started to think about it. That's why I went to bed. And in the morning I saw was not very difficult. And when I had finished half of work, I saw that it would be a good cross stitch pattern. Anna liked it :)

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