Monday, April 21, 2014

Birds, flowers, spring!

I returned to my favorite theme in embroidery - birds and flowers. I've done this cross stitch pattern:

I finished this embroidery yesterday morning, all washed, ironed and photographed. And posted to my shop :) Usually I spend a few day for this work, becouse sometimes I havn't inough light, sometimes anything else.
This embroidery I tried to get rich, but at in the same time bright colors - like at the Hummingbird wings. First I tried to put these birds in the big heart of a width of 20 cm, but it was not beautiful. Than I made a little heart. 
This heart in my shop:

And this is personalized wedding pattern with this heart:

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  1. Мария, добрый день! Приглашаю принять участие в раздаче наград!!! Буду рада, если поддержите эстафету.